I was born into a family that highly appreciates feminism- our parents always taught us- me and my sisters- not to rely on others, especially once we’re older. They always tried to implement the importance of being independent, standing on your own feet, almost being a matriarch one day. Needless to say, being a stay- at- home mom was out of the question. As I grew older, I began to discover my passion towards creating things, whether it’s drawing still life, writing a short story or sewing a new dress.

Being the stubborn girl I was, reality hit me hard when my application to a fashion design school was rejected. I tried again with another school- another failure, same story. I knew that’s what I wanted to do, what I needed to do- to create things.

Dumpster Rental Los AngelesAs I started getting desperate, a friend of mine approached me with a completely different idea- why not try with designing eco- related objects, dumpsters in particular? He was new in the field at the time but extremely passionate about it. At first I thought he was joking. I had no interest in dumpsters whatsoever, in fact, I knew absolutely nothing about them. To be honest, I was never the greenest person you could imagine, and he knew that, which confused me even more.

Sometimes you need to fall hard in order to achieve great things…

However, the more I thought about the idea, the more it intrigued me. How hard is it to make a dumpster design sketch, what does a dumpster exactly look like? Where do you use the large ones, and where the small ones? What are they made of? I had to educate myself first. Still not considering it seriously as a future job or hobby, I started to investigate. As I got into it, I realized how strong environmental awareness is in the 21st century. I realized there’s a developing market that could allow me to mix business with creativity. Moreover, I had this newly discovered passion regarding nature preservation and ecology that I never thought I had in the first place.

I learned a lot about decomposing and how the temperature affects the process itself; about the greenhouse effect; about corrosion, poisons, pesticides and other chemicals; about solid waste and the recycling process and other things related. Newspapers only scratch the surface, I needed more than that.

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After my first dumpster was an instant success, it gave me a boost to try and stay in the field. Today, after nearly 12 years, I am a proud leader of a designing team that gathers passionate young individuals. I am extremely glad to give back to society and Mother Nature and teach others how to do it.