As someone who’s been working in the (dumpster) field for almost a decade now- saying that I’ve seen or done it all would be an overstatement. Living in a big city such as LA also definitely has its perks- a variety of choice and opportunities constantly gives you space to grow and experience new things.

Dumpster Rental Los AngelesAll of this may seem as an exaggeration, especially since most people are not familiar with the full extent of the services dumpster rentals provide. Dealing with individuals and companies is not the only thing we do- we are very much involved in communal work as well, and not only when it comes to collecting fallen leaves in the streets or litter after festivals and similar.

For instance, we had a job that involved monument removal the other day- we don’t get a lot of hiring related to monument removals but it happens every now and then; we usually get hired when a monument or a part of it/ it’s facade is damaged beyond repair or during reconstruction and rarely for other reasons. Take in consideration that LA is a part of an area containing over 18 million people and over 120 historic- cultural monuments in downtown LA only- now imagine the rest not mentioned- it’s quite a lot to take care of.

How does one pick the right deal?

When it comes to removing debris, you always need to know what you’re working with; that way you know which dumpster to use and when. The regulations are strict and not to be violated- of course you don’t want to pay for any illegal activity and besides that, safety always comes first.

In this particular case, we used a 40 cubic yard roll off dumpster (the biggest one we offer), 20’ long x 8’’ wide x 8’’ tall. This type is usually used for larger construction work, home constructions or large clean out projects. The open top holds about 20 pickup truck loads. I would like to add that the dumpster removal was free of charge and completely up to us.

Dumpster Rental Los Angeles

I hope I succeeded in explaining a couple of things here. Ask a professional to help you when it comes to litter and debris removal. Follow the regulations and rules given. And last but not least- respect the environment. Earth is not just our friend- it is the only home we have.