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I’d like to introduce myself a bit before moving on to my dumpster renting experience…

First of all, I wish to start with the fact that I spent my earliest childhood in the Midwest- mostly Kansas and Iowa, and later on we moved to the East Coast. To cut the story short, my family moved a lot due to my father’s job- these places were always rural areas, without exception, since my father is an agronomist.

Dumpster Rental Los Angeles

Why was this info important? To merely illustrate the reason behind my love towards nature. I have a deep respect for anything eco- friendly and it obviously goes back to my childhood. You know those annoying kids in school that give you a hard time when you – accidentally, of course!- drop a piece of paper somewhere it doesn’t belong? Well, I was one of those kids.

Maybe you can leave nature, but nature hardly ever leaves you

However, somehow I always knew I want to experience the big city life, so I decided to move to LA, shortly after graduation. I got a nice job, met a nice girl and we decided to move in together. We found a house that suited our needs in the outskirts of the city. As nice as it was, it still needed some touch- ups and reconstruction work.

Coming from small places (and smaller houses), I had no idea how we would deal with all the construction debris we would end up with. A friend of mine suggested a local dumpster rental service and saved me from further headaches.

Dumpster Rental Los AngelesSince we mostly dealt with drywalls and similar, I rented a 20 yard container with inside dimensions of 254’’ by 42’’ (roughly 645 cm by 107 cm for those who prefer the metric system). You have to know that it is illegal to dump many pieces of waste into your regular container. Each of the containers you rent comes with different regulations as in what can go into it. If the company you hire is good, they will explain all of this to you. When it comes to the container I rented, it has to be underlined that you should never put municipal solid waste in it- which would be regular household trash, such as food leftovers or bagged trash from kitchen. Doing differently could result in fines and, more importantly, contamination. All of this was explained to us by the company we chose and that’s when we knew we made the right choice. The service itself cost us around $400 in total, flat rate, with the 7 day rental period, delivery fee and pickup fee all included.

Renovating our home was a lot easier with the dumpster service. Less work for us and the workers we hired, and almost zero pollution, which was a major issue for us tree- huggers. I will no doubt use this service again if I ever decide to make other bigger changes in and/ or around the house. I will definitely recommend this solution to my friends, and I also recommend it to you.