Dumpster Rental Los AngelesRenting dumpsters is a serious business in LA. The demand for dumpsters is on the rise for the last five years and we’re always looking to expand our services and find more clients that are aware of the rising trash problems like we are. There comes a time when there are so many orders for dumpsters, we have a hard time keeping up. That’s why we devised a system for our most loyal customers. This system allows them to get discounts or even free services for a time.

Okay, this is how everything works. When you call our company asking for any dumpster, you get at least one point. Small roll offs and smaller bins are worth one point, dumpsters between 10 and 30 feet are worth two points, and everything larger than that is worth 5 points. But why do I need those points you might ask? Easy – you will get discounts or you can even rent a dumpster free of charge if you gather enough points in our company.

Get points and rent dumpsters for free

We have come with this system to motivate companies and, people in general, to take better care of their environments. This, of course, means that our company takes care of the transportation and disposal of the trash without charging any cash. You might ask why do we do it because we’re losing money. Well, money is not the main motivation behind our company. We want to do our best to keep the streets of LA clean. This city has seen better years, and with so many people coming and going all the time, tons of trash are being left on the street.

Dumpster Rental Los Angeles

Los Angeles has been our city ever since we can remember and we want to keep it clean. That is the main reason why we have this point system and why we rent dumpsters for free, or for a fraction of the original price. If you like our work, join our customers and dispose of your trash free of charge. Let’s keep this planet green together!